How Berkshire Hathaway treats company’s new information

In his February 27, 2016, letter to Berkshire Hathaway for FY2015, chairman Warren Buffett said: “While I’m on the subject of our owners’ gaining knowledge, let me remind you that Charlie and I believe all shareholders should simultaneously have access to new information that Berkshire releases and, if possible, should also have adequate time to digest and analyze it before any trading takes place.”

Explaining the reason, he said: “That’s why we try to issue financial data late on Fridays or early on Saturdays and why our annual meeting is always held on a Saturday.”

Berkshire Hathaway is also against giving institutional investors or analysts privileged information, with Warren Buffett saying: “We do not follow the common practice of talking one-on-one with large institutional investors or analysts, treating them instead as we do all other shareholders. There is no one more important to us than the shareholder of limited means who trusts us with a substantial portion of his savings.”