Warren Buffett loves Apple

Warren Buffett’s FY2016’s letter dated February 25, 2017, to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders showed the group had 61,242,652 Apple Inc shares, a stake of 1.1 per cent costing US$6.747 billion and worth a market value of US$7.093 billion. This has since doubled. According to a CNBC report on Feb 27, 2017, the stake had doubled in January 2017 to 2.5 per cent. “At this point, Buffett owns US$17 billion worth of the tech giant’s stock,” said the report.
Berkshire Hathaway also has stake in IBM. The FY2016 shareholder letter showed that it had 81,232,303 IBM shares as at Dec 31, 2016, a holding of 8.5 per cent costing US$13.815 billion and having a market value of US$13.484 billion.